Detachment Events and other related news can be found below:


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Detachment Meetings are held at our League Detachment home, the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30pm

The detachment will be open 4PM on Fridays, call for weekend hours as they vary.


email delcomcl@comcast.net for menu

Our Detachment has a great story to tell. Some of the history of our organization can be found in these two documents:

The DELCO Detachment History, which was the first publication produced for years 1945 through 1983. And a second:

Highlights Of Our History which encompass years 1945 through 2000.

Dennis O'Donnell- Commandant

Ed Ciammaichelli- Sr. Vice Commandant

Ray Diggins- Jr. Vice Commandant

Bill Dolbin- Adjutant

Mark Slaymaker- Judge Advocate

John Burn- Paymaster

Tom Anderlonis- Sgt. at Arms 

CONTACT US: Marine Corps League Detachment 288, 3602 Sixth Street, Upland, PA 19015 DelcoMCL@comcast.net (610) 874-6601

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